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by The Reverend of Rock 'n Roll on May 9th, 2011
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While we patiently wait for more live shows, VsThem keeps moving forward with EP, music video, and web series creation. If all goes well, you will be treated to all of these things by year’s end.

Facts are Go!
-The final pre-production meeting for the 6AM Salvation music video will occur this week. Filming will begin shortly after that. We may need some volunteers to be in the video when it is in the filming phase, so please be ready to heed the call when it comes (Notice how I used “we” there. I get to be involved in band stuff sometimes, and I still get kinda giddy about it, you know, in a serious-handling-adult-business way.)

-I am attempting to get some pictures up from the April 23rd show with Endoxi at 19 Broadway. I hope to have those ready asap.

Some Non-Band-Related Fun

Sometimes we play it
For entertainment
Sometimes for inspiration
Other times for
A cure

Music connects us

Music divides us

Our inherent curiosity
Beckons us to search out
New sounds

Or old ones

Like birds know to fly
We know to move
to the rhythm

We Bob
It Rocks

It Rolls
We R
And B

It funks us up
And we break down

Music plays
a part in all our lives
Even when we can’t listen
We still hear it

Companion, Peace!

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